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Front page questions

I will let needmoney90 (Monero moderator), anonimal (Monero developer) and dsc (Monero developer) introduce me:

Yes, Monero community is full of lovely, lovely people 😒.

I have been logging Monero transactions for over a year now. Main reason why I decided to go public are blatant lies, that there is nothing to worry about Ciphertrace and that Monero is private. If you are prepared to sit though a 5 hour lecture on how broken Monero is, you will see that even they admit it. However that's obviously a small percentage of people they sell Monero to.

It all boils down to greed. Maybe Monero, the community and the movement was about privacy in the beginning. But down the road big problems were discovered with Monero. Serious problems no one had a satisfying answer to. Listen to the podcast Breaking Monero, which was made with the intention to mitigate legal implications.
Identifying security problems is not the issue. But doing nothing about it and attacking people addressing it is. Monero's current aim is just to keep the party going and the money flowing by selling a broken product to the gullible and uneducated while deflecting from the failure of your promises by viciously attacking other projects.

Yes. Most likely they had to because they feared legal repercussions. In any case, if you are prepared to sit through a 5 hour lecture (who isn't, right?) - it is here.

For the same reason why asbestos companies insisted, that asbestos is safe. The same reason big tobacco pumped billions into cool advertising. There is a lot of money to be made and the top echelons of Monero community stand to make this money. At the end of the day, just like big tobacco, they don't give a damn about the fate of end users. And that compromised privacy, makes you a target by big governments and the establishment.

Yes, over a year worth of logs and the source code is available for sale. If you have experience in government procurement and want to team up, please contact me on .

I tend to dislike the word "cult". It implies a religious organisation, whereas MLM's (Multi-level Marketing) and fringe political groups use the same methods of manipluation.

Do you want to hear about Monero's Lord and saviour of NASA, Howard Chu?
With regards to Monero it is impossible to say if people that wish their mother was Howard Chu's groupie or crowning themselves as "easily the most prestigious coin" are genuine. Or are they just stroking egos in hopes of moving up the community ladder? However, Monero community has a lot of cult-like characteristics. This includes a bottom caste of people, that sacrifice their time and money for "magical crypto friendship" (Riccardo Spagni is pretty much mocking them with his podcast series).

Do you think Vincent Rijmen exploded with anger when AES was broken? No, he congratulated the authors. You have to ask yourself a question. Are you here because you care about privacy coin ecosystem? Or are you here to sell your bag of Monero to a greater fool, no matter the consequences? If you truly care about the whole ecosystem, you should ask yourself, why are Monero developers unwilling or unable to fix 4-year-old problems? And if those problems persist, maybe then it is time for Monero to go the way of Old Yeller.

Of course this doesn't explain why you are probably venting your anger on Reddit / Twitter or else. Do you feel personally attacked? Even though I don't know you, not even your name. So why do you feel that anger? The primary objective of a cult is to replace individual identity with a collective one. You will feel that every attack on the cult is an attack on you, and that the cult exploiting your time and money is for the greater good. Well done. You are a "magical crypto friend" now. Now go and buy Riccardo another $750,000 watch, while he makes another shitcoin (called Tari) for manipulated cultists like you.

Other questions

I got banned by Justin Ehrenhofer (SamsungGalaxyPlayer) for being "disruptive" [source]

I don't think so. In the same way that Elon Musk did not end flat-earthers, Monero will carry on. Its bottom tiers are too psychologically invested to do anything else. Its top tiers already jettisoned Monero for future projects like Tari, so my prediction is that it will go out with a whimper rather than a bang.

Similarly to Monero, Dandelion++ is only private on paper, or this site wouldn't have a reason to exist.

Feel free to explain to your local police, why your IP address is streaming those torrents. I don't give a damn.

No, transactions on cake wallet are visible only to remote nodes providing service for cake wallet. Of course that means that they know who you are.

I think 100-a-day is the golden ratio between showing, that I can repeatedly deanonymise Monero users and wholesale disclosure of private data. Mind you, 90% of transactions on Monero network are not very interesting (pool or exchange payouts). My daily pool of 100 is drawn from the remaning 10%

I don't think so. People finding their own transactions here is all the validation that I want. On the contrary, I think having an honest discussion with new users about how crypto communities can be psychologically manipulative is very important.

Ask Monero community and Monero developers about those vulnerabilities. Let me guess the answer is always "already debunked". What happens when you point out the specific references being made on my site? Do you get banned as well?

First, everything is possible. When you look at the Monero-price-history, you see a correlation of Moneros first real pump, when their much-touted FluffyPony announced the adoption by a drugs market called Alphabay. Coincidentally it was taken down by law enforcement a few months later.
However my personal feel of the guy is, that he is what he says he is. A pump and dump scammer, that happened to be in the right place at the right time. This of course doesn't mean that the Monero team is not acting as useful idiots (agent of an intelligence agency that does their bidding without realising it).